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Liz Marchetti,

20 May 2019

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Hello, world! Meet WeQ STUDIOS. We are incredibly excited to introduce ourselves and to tell you more about what we bring to the world of mobile games publishing.

Headquartered in Berlin, WeQ STUDIOS are a boutique gaming studio and publisher owned by mobile advertising company WeQ. We publish hyper-casual games, providing services to mobile developers of all sizes for the chance to launch, market and grow their games at scale. By uniting the talents of a gaming studio with the mobile advertising expertise of WeQ, we work collaboratively with developers and advertisers, enabling apps to gain visibility and achieve specific KPIs. By combining our comprehensive publishing platform with user acquisition expertise and premium player acquisition, we bring iPhone and Android games to audiences worldwide, pushing them to the top of the charts.

Introducing the team


Behind WeQ STUDIOS is a world-class team of gaming professionals who are passionate about helping developers and advertisers publish and grow their mobile games, setting them up for success.

Our team is led by Frédéric Hatanian, Head of Gaming, who has a background in game design and project management. He was previously at SoftGames, coming up with new ideas for games like Cookie Crush and Solitaire Story – Tripeaks on Facebook Instant Games, and bringing them to life through the entire development process.

Alex Olmos Pardo, UA Manager of Mobile Gaming, has spent over five years at From the Bench Games where he worked with global brands including NBA, NFL, MLB, Real Madrid, Liverpool CF and AC Milan. He is an app store optimization (ASO) wizard and an expert on user acquisition channels such as Facebook, Google and Apple Search Ads.

In a nutshell, WeQ STUDIOS leverages WeQ’s market expertise in mobile advertising to offer premium player acquisition and industry knowledge, which enables our partners to get discovered while they focus on what they do best: create great mobile games!

As a boutique gaming studio, we have released two hyper-casual games, available in the app stores: Helix Madness and Tower Raise. We also launched Cube Flip earlier in May and have another game Clear Out, due for launch in June. Watch this space!


Helix Madness
Helix Madness
Tower Raise
Tower Raise
Cube Flip
Cube Flip

Our visual identity and branding explained

WeQ STUDIOS Branding
WeQ STUDIOS Branding

The WeQ STUDIOS visual identity is playful, casual, fresh and colourful. Our idea was to convey some of the fun that users will experience when playing the WeQ STUDIOS games. As such, the brand colors are bright blue, yellow, aqua and red. Since we are part of the WeQ group, we mixed it up with elements from our parent brand – such as the deep blue and grey secondary colours – for a sophisticated appeal, conveying professionalism and expertise.

During the brand development, we were strongly inspired by the Memphis Design. You’ll find characteristic bold, graphic elements – such as squiggles, dots and outlines of geometric shapes – woven into our photography, icons and illustrations. Not only does it add a spark of fun and added layer, but (fun fact), we appreciate that the Memphis design was born in 1981 as a reaction against the status quo – and can definitely identify with their brave and bold approach to shattering conventions. We aim to do the same in the realm of gaming by offering a unique combination of solid gaming and advertising knowledge to achieve our partners’ goals.

WeQ STUDIOS Brand Illustrations

As for our illustrations: we have populated our visual world with quirky characters, reminding of our people-centric approach. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner offering a collaborative approach, transparency and premium player acquisition. We understand that our success is determined by our partners’ success. We also keep the end user in mind, knowing that our success is reinforced by the enthusiasm of our players.

Meet us in person

Now that you know what we do, we’d love to meet in the flesh at upcoming international gaming events to talk goals and strategies for success! Are you a developer looking to grow your gaming app’s user base, but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’re already running advertising campaigns and want to improve your user acquisition strategy? We’ll be attending ASO Conference on May 22 and App Growth Summit on May 23 in Berlin, followed by Gamescom in Cologne between August 21-24. Drop us a line at to set up a meeting with our team of mobile gaming experts.

In the meantime if you’d like to learn more WeQ STUDIOS, keep an eye on our newly unveiled website, as we’ll be sharing our company news and many industry insights ranging from casual gaming user acquisition, ASO and publishing tips; to the latest trends. Sign up to our company newsletter here to receive updates in your inbox. Should you wish to contact us and learn more about our company, drop us a line here anytime. Now – let’s turn your game into an instant hit!

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