Our Picks of the Top 5 Ad Formats for Acquiring Mobile Gamers

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Our Picks of the Top 5 Ad Formats for Acquiring Mobile Gamers

Liz Marchetti,

26 June 2019

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Looking to attract and acquire mobile gamers for your app in the highly crowded and competitive apps landscape? Targeting the right users at the right time is a critical factor – as is, choosing the correct ad format to employ based on your game. With so many in-app ad trends to keep in mind and such an abundance of formats on the market, we thought would put together a list of the top five ad types to attract high quality players.

Video Ads

Advertisers are seeing quality results from in-app video advertising. Video ads have 34% higher CTRs than native ads and 56% higher CTRs than banners. Video ads have contributed to a 20-40% increase in-app revenues for most app developers, in the form of: Rewarded Video Ads and Full Screen Video Ads.

Playable Ads

Playable ads are the second most accepted full-screen ad format among consumers at 22%, just after rewarded video at 40%. Banner ads, interstitial units, pre- and mid-roll video, and in-feed ads all ranked far lower than playables. It’s best to use playables when you have good retention.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads offer a full screen experience, so beautiful creatives and a good call to action here, are key. According to industry experts, interstitial ads are best placed in mobile games with multiple levels.

Display Ads

A recent trend, advertisers are more likely to spend more budget on display advertising than on search engine marketing. It’s clear that bigger is better when it comes to web banner sizes, and getting the most out of a mobile screen is vital.

Offer Walls

The offer wall is an in-app advertising unit where a user can earn virtual goods by performing some action on the wall. The wall will list multiple “offers” that users can complete for in exchange for receiving an in-app reward. It’s a great mobile monetization strategy for micropayment freemium apps.

Want to know more about each video format and what lies ahead when it comes to ad format trends? Read the full article as published on Business of Apps to find out and get access to all our mobile marketing tips.

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